Vacuuming the Couch

Upholstery Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning:

✓ Removes Bacteria 

✓ Reduces Stains

✓ Eliminates Odor

✓ Reduces Allergies

✓ Improves Air Quality

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder is proud to provide one of the best upholstery cleaning services for a wide variety of upholstery and furniture items such as sofas, mattresses, carpets, and curtains. At OCD, we understand that the upholstery for sofas and carpeting and immediately noticeable, and can affect the first impression and opinion of the room. We want homeowners to have the best looking and cleanest upholstery on their furniture and comfortable carpeting, which is why our cleaning service is dedicated to helping you restore them to the best condition possible!


It can be costly to replace entire sofa sets or get new carpeting done in your Singapore home when they don’t look as presentable as you want them to be. With OCD’s help, we can provide you with cleaning services that are affordable according to your budget, so you don’t have to spend a fortune shopping for new furniture.


The Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning


When you regularly hire OCD’s team of cleaning experts, you can have a host of benefits such as:


  • Improving your health and the overall indoor air quality


  • Maintain and refresh the appearance of your furniture


  • Eliminate dust mites in your sofa and upholstery, bed bugs in your mattresses, and sanitize your furniture


  • Removal of dust and dirt


  • Minimizes allergic reactions to dust and dander


  • Improves the general comfort level of the sofa, mattress, or carpeting


With our thorough cleaning services, your house will be much fresher and homely for both yourself and for guests.


Our Cleaning Treatments Are Safe and Efficient


OCD’s cleaning treatment is perfectly safe for many types of upholstery and furniture. We understand that one of the main concerns of many clients is that cleaning equipment or solutions can damage their precious furniture. It can be expensive to replace damaged furniture because of this, and we ensure that only the safest cleaning solvents, tools, and methods will be used on your upholstery, sofa, and carpets. Our cleaning agents clean effectively without leaving behind residual chemicals that can be harmful to your family, pets, or the environment.


Short Drying Time & No Fabric Shrinkage


Another concern that most Singapore clients have when they hire cleaning services is the perceived long waiting time for the sofas and carpets to dry after cleaning. OCD’s team uses cleaning chemicals that target embedded dirt or stains and removes them effectively, and you only have to wait a short time before you can use them again!


At OCD, we aim to give your worn out or dull-looking upholstery a fresh and vibrant appearance so you can proudly show them off. Contact us for more details on our sofa, upholstery, and carpet cleaning services today!