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Post-Renovation Cleaning Services Package


At OCD, we provide a wide range of post-renovation cleaning services to turn your home in Singapore into the heavenly abode that you have always wanted. Our services include:


  • Vacuuming, mopping, and general cleaning of all rooms


  • Wiping and cleaning of all wardrobes interior and exteriors (EMPTY)


  • Cleaning and polish all mirrors and reflective surfaces

  • Cleaning of all electrical switches


  • Wiping of all interior windows

  • Wiping all doors and glass panels in the house including the grills


  • Scrubbing and cleaning kitchen surfaces including kitchen counters and sinks.


  • Cleaning of stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens


  • Washing of all basins


  • Scrubbing, cleaning, and disinfecting of toilets


  • Vacuuming and mopping of storerooms


  • Cleaning of all ceiling fans and ceiling lights


  • Removal of cobwebs and dust

  • General cleaning of the balcony floors

*Excluded tasks*

  • Walls and ceiling cleaning

  • Cement and paint stain removal

  • Adhesive removal 

  • Blinds cleaning

 The package includes all cleaning equipment and chemicals.

At OCD, we understand that homeowners can be eager and excited to move back into their newly-renovated homes. They don’t wish to wait longer than they already have. After having renovation work done in your home, sometimes the general cleaning done by your renovation contractors can be unsatisfactory, leading to your home feeling uncomfortable or grimy to live in.


This is where we can render our services. OCD’s cleaning services can help you with your post-renovation woes and provide a thorough cleaning that removes messes such as dried cement, excess dust, and water marks. Be it a partial or full home renovation; there will always be stains, smudges, or marks that are left behind and can’t be removed easily. Thus, a thorough cleaning of your home, especially in its nooks and crannies, is necessary.


As one of the best cleaning companies in Singapore, OCD ensures that our staff is fully trained and sufficiently equipped with the right cleaning tools and materials for each kind of cleaning need. Our well-trained cleaning teams are well-trained to deal with all manner of post-renovation messes and will come with a wide range of cleaning solutions, equipment, and gear such as degreasers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and more for each job assignment in Singapore.


High-Quality Cleaning Service That is Safe


Homeowners with newly-renovated homes are usually concerned about having their new furniture or décor being damaged during the cleaning process. OCD listens to this concern and addresses it by making sure our cleaning services adhere to the highest standards of safety. Our cleaning teams ensure that non-abrasive materials are used to clean smooth surfaces so as not to cause scratches, corrosive cleaning solvents are not used on furniture and a safer approach in general to every step of cleaning to avoid causing damage.


At Obsessive Cleaning Disorder, your post-renovation worries can be handled efficiently and in a timely manner by a dedicated team of professionals who go the extra mile in making your home ideal for moving back in. Contact us today for more details on this cleaning service.

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