Painting Services


At Obsessive Cleaning Disorder, we aim to provide high-quality painting services at affordable rates for homes in Singapore. Our team of contractors are dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience, ensuring top class workmanship on all the painting services done. We never compromise on the quality of paint and services rendered, so you can be assured of a job that is done well at the end of the day.


Quality Results with our Professional Painters


Painting might seem like a manageable task on a small-scale, but if you desire top-quality paintwork done in your home, it’s always best to let the professionals handle it. Be it an HDB home or a landed house, OCD is committed to providing quality paintwork done with the best tools and the most vibrant selection of paint colours available in the market. You can expect the best results without having to worry about disastrous mistakes or paintwork that is not up to standard.


Reliability and trustworthiness is our philosophy, and we’ll ensure that all your enquiries, suggestions, and recommendations are listened to so that you’ll be happy with the end result.


Familiarity with Trendy Patterns and Colours


As the years go by, you may decide that a new coat of paint is the perfect breath of fresh air to liven up the rooms in your house. But, you may also be wondering if certain colours are out of style and tacky, and need advice on what the trendy or fashionable paint colours or patterns are. This is where we come in. Our painting company is always keeping an eye out for the latest styles and trends in paint colour and patterns. We can give you good advice on suitable colour selections or combinations, and also suggest colouring schemes and cost-effective alternatives to fit any budget.


Paint Cleanliness and Longevity


Professional painting companies like OCD go to great lengths to ensure that messes are minimised to avoid causing damage or stains. We implement containment strategies to ensure that there are no paint chips, flakes or debris, and that each painted surface is painted cleanly. In addition, we are meticulous in ensuring that your paintwork comes out looking smooth and clean, without uneven coats of paint or flecks of paint from other colours.


Obsessive Cleaning Disorder will live up to all your house painting expectations, and deliver service that you can be proud to show off to anyone visiting your house. Contact us today for more enquiries and to find out what other services we provide in Singapore.