Get a Reliable & Cost-Effective Professional Disinfection Solution

Ensure that your family, friends and colleagues are safe by eliminating possible viruses and bacteria.

✓ Eliminates 99.9% of germs and viruses

✓ Fog disinfectant solution into air and surfaces of your home

✓ Hospital-grade disinfectant solution

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The Chemical we use is: 

  • Alcohol-free

  • Rinse free formula 

  • Non-toxic (Baby and pet safe) 

  • Contains Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAD) which is an ingredient recommended by NEA in the current N-Coronavirus advisory

We offer disinfection services to the following: 

  • Residential homes

  • Offices

  • Restaurants

  • Childcare

  • Schools 

And more! 

The package includes all cleaning equipment and chemicals. 

Professional and Capable Cleaning Teams


As one of the best cleaning companies in Singapore, OCD ensures that our staff is fully trained and sufficiently equipped with the right cleaning tools and materials for each kind of cleaning need. 


High-Quality Cleaning Service That is Safe


Homeowners are usually concerned about having their new furniture or décor being damaged during the cleaning process. OCD listens to this concern and addresses it by making sure our cleaning services adhere to the highest standards of safety. Our cleaning teams ensure that non-abrasive materials are used to clean smooth surfaces so as not to cause scratches, corrosive cleaning solvents are not used on furniture and a safer approach in general to every step of cleaning to avoid causing damage.


Contact us today for more details on this cleaning service.

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