After Party & Event Cleaning Services


We provide professional commercial cleaning services to match your requirements at a reasonable rate.

It can be stressful to clean up after giant messes, especially after a big party with lots of people, which is why we can render our services to help you get rid of any and all spills, stains and move disorganized furniture or appliances back to their designated places. Customised package and quotations will be given based on your requirements.


  • Kitchen cleaning – we ensure your kitchen will be spotless and all dishes and glassware will be washed and kept


  • Bathroom cleaning – tidying up and cleaning of toilets and bathtubs


  • Reorganizing of furniture according to your preference


  • Vacuuming and mopping of floors


  • Emptying of trash and elimination of dirt, stains, etc

  • Office

  • Retail 

  • F&B outlets

  • Tuition centers

  • Childcare centers 

  • Events

And more!


Complete Service by Dedicated and Experienced Team


OCD’s dedicated cleaning service team does not shy away from any type of commercial cleaning chore, we are prepared to deal with a wide range of messes and are well-equipped with the appropriate cleaning equipment and tools. Our cleaning team will ensure that your home or location of the event is cleaner than it was even before!


Affordable and Timely Service


OCD aims to provide post-event and post-party cleaning services that are affordable for all budget ranges. We understand that everyone deserves a clean and welcoming space after holding a party and celebratory event, so we will provide a quote for the type of cleaning you need depending on the size of the space you tell us. Our workmanship will also influence the cost of the service.


At OCD, we understand that our clients’ time is precious, so we endeavor to not waste any of it. Our cleaning services team will show up at the designated time and proceed with their duties in a timely manner, finishing within the assigned time.


Contact OCD to know more about how we can help you clear those big messes that can be an annoyance. Leave the stressful job cleaning up to us!